To replace the peak energy use of natural gas for Seattle, we would need to build more than 51,000 wind turbines across 7.4 million acres. That is 138 times the footprint of Seattle and nearly 40 times the amount of wind farms that exist in Washington today.


What impact is the Seattle City Council having on my natural gas?

In 2019, Seattle City Council proposed an ordinance that would ban natural gas in new buildings. While a vote on the proposal did not move forward, we continue to believe a natural gas ban has serious implications for natural gas consumers and for a dedicated natural gas workforce across the region. This is why we’ve asked city leaders to conduct critical analysis before considering a ban on natural gas that could have costly, unintended consequences. As a coalition, we look forward to working with city leaders and staff in 2020 to discuss how natural gas plays a vital role for cooking at restaurants, heating our homes, and manufacturing goods here in the greater Seattle region.